AI Data Layer AI applications for all Web3 users


MudAi uses AI to form pseudo personalities of all Web3 users.

MudAi users will be able to:
• Create your own pseudo-personality using AI
• Set up house communities using DAO-based rules
• A pseudopersonality participates in the Web3 ecosystem (GameFi, NFT, etc.) on behalf of the user
• Customize your own AI users within the MudAi ecosystem

MudAi Ecosystem

Create your MudAi Profile

Customize and obtain your own pseudo-personality created on the blockchain using AI.

Form your own universe on MudAi

Create multiple pseudo-personalities using AI to participate in the Web3 ecosystem on your behalf.

The AI that replaces you will shape society

Social activities conducted by AI will eventually create an economy, and users will have more free time.

AI will be your best assistant

Customize your AI to become your best assistant. Multiple assistants make your Web3 life more comfortable.

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MudAi Tokenomics

Token Name: $MUDAI
Total Supply: 100,000,000,000
Network: Ethereum, Astar, KCC, BSC, Syscoin, & Solana

Distribution Plan

MudAi Ecosystems             65%             65,000,000,000

Founder&Team                10.37%               10,366,666,667

Partnerships                              8%                8,000,000,000

Community                             5.5%                5,500,000,000

Marketing                                     5%                5,000,000,000

Liquidity&Listing                      5%                5,000,000,000

Private round                               1%                 1,000,000,000

Seed round                              0.13%                       133,333,333

                                                          100%           100,000,000,000
Total Supply

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Our Roadmap

2023 Q4

・Listing $MUDAI on a Centralized Exchange (CEX)
・Development of core technology
・Initial market research and analysis
・Deployment of marketing and promotion strategies
・Development of mobile and desktop applications
・Beta release of the platform
・Analysis and improvement of user feedback
・Optimization of user interfaces
・Release of the mobile application
・Implementation of an early access program
・Implementation of the token economy
・Release of new features and updates
・Strengthening response to user questions and feedback

2024 Q1

・Hosting local events and meetups
・Improvement of user experience and interfaces
・Implementation of incentive programs
・Offering new features through partnerships and integrations

2024 Q2

・Hosting global community events and hackathons
・Providing entertainment content within the metaverse
・Launching a virtual currency trading platform within the metaverse
・Introduction of governance and community voting mechanisms

2024 Q3

・Expansion of virtual spaces within the metaverse
・Expansion and improvement of infrastructure
・Providing APIs and tools for developers
・Growth of the ecosystem and support for developer communities
・Launch of user education and support programs
・Establishment of a sustainable revenue model

2024 Q4

・Growth and sustainability improvement of the virtual economy within the metaverse

Meet team

The team building MudAi comes from a variety of backgrounds, including the blockchain industry, artificial intelligence development field, 3D concept studio, gaming, and augmented reality industry, with about 20 members currently working on the MudAi ecosystem.

Meet some of MudAi's core members
Katey Park

Co-Founder & CEO

Zn Crawford



Art Director

Yuki Aoi


MudAi Technology

MudAi Partners

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We are looking to work with people and companies that are serious about the mass adoption of crypto, metaverse explorers, and those who wish to join MudAi around the world.
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